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25 Years of Nails4Males

The pandemic taught the world that your hands are a harbinger of disease if left unkept. From stringent hand washing routine to manicured hands, you can never be too careful. With the present threat of viral infection and the world returning to normal, Nails4Males is poised to provide an essential service for men.

The first converted recreational vehicle modified to create the ultimate male nail care experience and grooming experience!  Nails4Males created a safe therapeutic space to groom the true “High-Value Man”.

Nails4Males acts as a true lifestyle statement to all who recognize that adding an upgraded grooming regimen will enhance overall life expectancy.

Tired Toes

Himalayan salt soak is an energetically purifying and rejuvenating to your personal energy field and aura, repairing any holes in the aura and removing any blockages. It promotes spiritual, mental and emotional balance by purifying your body of negativity.

30 min foot soak + Gold pedicure

Muddy Toes

Bentonite clay and certain minerals have the power to detox the body through a process called reverse osmosis, which pulls salt and harmful toxins from your body. Why not play in the mud for a healthy you?

30 min foot soak + Gold pedicure

Hot Ginger Toes

Ginger foot bath supports sound sleep and helps calm parasympathetic nervous center. Promotes circulation, reduces inflammation and helps kill bacteria and fungus on the skin that causes infections. A great way to eliminate stinky and relief of athlete's feet.

30 min foot soak + Gold pedicure

b4 WE become ONE ~ for the man who is about to change his life for his soul mate. Platinum manicure, Platinum pedicure & Sports facial will soothe the SOUL!

I am KING ~ only the BEST will do for "THE MAN" who keeps it all together at work & play. Our Black manicure, Black pedicure, and Sports facial are ready to make you feel like the KING you are!!

Commander-in-Chief ~ Supreme treatment for the "President" of his growing empire. Begin with a haircut, Gentleman facial, Black manicure, Black pedicure is exactly what's needed after making HIStory!!!

Father Knows Best ~ a seasoned man who's been around the world twice, talked to everyone 3 times, and served his country. Gold manicure and pedicure is ready for the best dad ever!

The BEST Man ~ the friend who's held his main man together for years. Your mission - to make sure the groom is on time, well rested, and picture perfect for his BIG day!! Our Platinum manicure and Express facial will get you feeling Best Man ready!!

The Boyz ~ guys who tell a good story, partied in college, started a bar fight, drank like fish, took dads car, and adventured through life together as friends. On this day you don't lose a friend yet gain a sister!! Gold manicure and Express facial will make the pictures groomtastic!!!

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