Welcome to Nails4Males

Ebony Howard, a licensed nail technician with over twenty years of experience. Nails4Males is an extension of her quality control and personality. She has always been passionate in challenging her client base to live a better grooming standard regardless of occupation.  Ebony’s no nonsense, anti-fluff energy has supported a client base who see her as their nail tech, therapist, and friend who they cannot live without. Honestly, vulnerability and truth are all shared in this precious time, reinforcing why the Nails4Males concept is steeped in originality. Ebony believes she is not only a different breed of nail technician but also a different type of woman…she brings the sunshine on the inside!  Nails4Males provides a therapeutic and reliable service that highlights the natural beauty of men and erases pre-existing stereotypes about masculinity.

The first converted recreational vehicle modified to create the ultimate male nail care experience and grooming experience!  Nails4Males created a safe therapeutic space to groom the true “High-Value Man”.  Nails4Males acts as a true lifestyle statement to all who recognize that adding an upgraded grooming regimen will enhance overall life expectancy.


What Our Client Says

Carol S

Every time I sit in Ebony’s chair my hands and feet are in TERRIBLE SHAPE. But by the time she is done working her MAGIC they are as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Freddie L

Phenomenal manicures and pedicures from a very positive woman. Very intellectual conversation while getting nails done. I highly recommend her services. Worth EVERY dollar.

Arne S

First of all this is a one stop shop, you can get a haircut and be pampered all in the same day. Ebony provided the best service I have seen to date. I received a manicure, pedicure and a facial, it was absolutely heavenly.

Darryl G

Ebony is a true professional in every since of the word. Her work ethic, expertise, and customer service is providing male grooming services are second to none.

Carlton H

Wow, where do I begin? Ms. Ebony is the BEST!! She’s been grooming me for over 5 years now. I will NOT go anywhere else. I’ve been all over the world and her services are TOP NOTCH.

Dexter W

After extensive research I found Ms. Ebony and I’m so glad I did she’s on TOP of her game! I got the works, manicure/pedicure & it was worth EVERY dollar no moe white socks & sandals for me! My wife co-signed on the work.