EST. 1993

Complete mobile male nail care

Male Grooming

Treat yourself do NOT cheat yourself!



Nails4Males is a professional experience for men to be groomed in a masculine environment. The mobile aspect of the business also makes it easier for customers to access the services.

The Nails4Males brand is not looking to sacrifice its brand values.

Nails4Males strives on its personal touch and takes a cautious cleanliness approach for all clients.

Nails4Males wants to rewrite the narrative that Black men aren’t well-groomed or advocates of regular spa-level pampering.

Mobile Male Nail Care Grooming Lounge

Nails4Males provides a therapeutic and reliable service that highlights the natural beauty of men and erases pre-existing stereotypes about masculinity. 

The first converted recreational vehicle modified to create the ultimate male nail care experience.

Nails4Males created a safe therapeutic space to groom the true “High-Value Man”.

Nails4Males acts as a true lifestyle statement to all who recognize that adding an upgraded grooming regimen will enhance overall life expectancy.